How to use Jasper AI

How to use Jasper AI

How to use Jasper AI the powerfull and well known AI copywriting tool #jasperai is complex so we show you how to use it.

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Hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you how to use Jasper Ai and basically what it does this is I is pretty much huge especially for the article writers or bloggers so basically this AI is actually going to create new

Articles and bunch of stuff to improve your marketing CEO and SEO and so much more stuff guys and it is actually going inside in those days and yeah let’s give it a try now so first of all if you want to get it you just have to open your

Browser and then go ahead and search for Jasper AI just like so and then click on the first website as you can see now this is the the official website or the like the main website and these are like the sponsors of it so they have like huge sponsors

Like Airbnb uh IBM digital marketer and so much more now if you went down a little bit you will find that this actually works on Google account Amazon Gmail WordPress Facebook YouTube and Shopify if you want even down you will find the specific things that they will help you with

For example for Google create original content that tracks for SEO during educational blogs articles that are keyword rich and polygous free here for Facebook Boost ad conversions with better copy easily write and test more copy variation to increase sales and improve flows finish your first drafts 10 times more faster till Jasper

About what you want and then watch the AI write paragraphs in seconds and the writer’s block with ideas for from a robot start starting up to blank page relax and let Jasper write creative copy for you and here break through the language barrier so no matter what

Language you give it it’s all right you in what river language you give it and scale up your content marketing fast sorry propose existing content and generate new content without hiring Junior writers now for you to be able to start using it what you’ll have to do is simply go in

Here and claim your 10K Words Free so after that you just have to click here to sign up but your username email Etc or just click on here to continue with Google for example let’s continue with Google so let me just put my account real quick so here we go

And something like that I think that will work for us so here we go and voila so now all I need to do is wait until it’s fully signed up so company name uh let me just do something like that uh blog post next and I’m not a robot

Now let’s wait a little bit and here we go so now you have two options the 82 bucks which is like pretty decent for like a 100K were generated or you can go for like whatever like 10 million words or whatever things you’d like to do per

Month and yeah guys it’s pretty much like expensive but you know for like a high quality blogs and Etc it is really worth the shot so if you want to make it a little milk you can change it from here and then if you have like contact

Sales that you want to actually do you can try it from here and here you will find out the information so if you want to start your free trial just click here and then put your some information like your card Etc and after two days you will be having

You will have shot you will have you’ll have your card chart for like this amount of money that you’ll have here so yeah guys that was it for today’s video if you did please leave a like and thank you for watching

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