How to buy Visa Prepaid card with crypto

How to buy Visa Prepaid card with crypto

How to buy Visa Prepaid card with crypto, its likewise easy to use and good to buy with crypto a #visacard as prepaid giftcard.

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you how to buy gift cards or VISA gifts cards using crypto Bitcoin whatever you have as coins in your crypto wallet so first of all guys I will need you to go ahead and open

Your browser and from there guys I will need you to go ahead and go to the URL section and search for e-gester so go here search for e-gifter and just like so click on the first website that will appear for you so here we go

And now guys what I’m going to do is basically if you don’t have an account just sign an enter account so you click here sign up you can sign up using Google or Facebook or even Amazon accounts now let’s go back here and search for Visa so we’re gonna search

Here for visa and basically guys this website actually gives you whatever kind of guess guys you want so whatever company you’d like to get your gift sales from you can get it from here so now there is this 25 value of 50 value a 100 bucks value so for example if you

Want to go to 100 bucks so here please note these are virtual cards cannot be added to a mobile wallet at this time and therefore cannot be used in stores cars are only for online use only so they are only for the online use Visa is working on a resolution to

This issue if you see extractions on the Visa side to add your card to your mobile wallet note this feature may not be available yet so click here and send and then click on continue and here you will choose with what kind of thing you

Want to pay with so as you can see there is multiple ways to pair with Apple pay credit card and PayPal and as you can see at the moment it is not purchasable but when it’s open to be purchasable you will find here even the cryptocurrency and also

For example if you’re in some country that won’t allow the cryptocurrency you will not find it so I highly suggest you that you use some kind of VPN for example if you want to hear extensions the extension and you search for uh Ola VPN which is a VPN really non-vpn which

Is a really good VPN it is really good you can use it and go to this website and then a cryptocurrency here will be open so you just have to click there close your wallet address and then just send them the money and you will receive

The gift card code in your email so yeah guys that’s how you can buy a gift card for Visa using this website thanks a lot for watching and see you in this tutorial

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