How to use DREAM by WOMBO AI

How to use DREAM by WOMBO AI

How to use DREAM by WOMBO AI which generates AI-powered paintings in seconds since the #womboai is a powerful tool.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to use Dream by Wombo AI so first of all guys I will need you to go to your phones or your PC so if you’re in your phone just

Go ahead and go to app store if you’re an iOS or go to your Google Play if your Android answers for um AI dream and if you’re in PC it’s pretty simple just go to your browser on your on your PC and go to the error section and search for

Dream by Rumble AI so now as you can see here you will find two kinds of websites second one and this one so there is one ball dot AI which is this one the magic of AI and there is as you can see here are the different kinds of things that

You can actually find them in this application some details about it and some code you can scan here’s how it will look in your phone and that’s pretty simple that’s how you can download to your iOS in here Android and pretty simple if you want to use it

On your PC you can just click here to try on web and it will take you to the space which is the same as this one now what you need to do first is create an account so you can just go here for example click here create cell account

And let me just click all right it is not functional at the moment so let’s say I actually to actually dream without creating any account so let’s try to type anything here so let’s choose the type that we want so it’s going to be something like so and let’s put here for

Example Fox plane games and let’s click here to create so uh input image we need the image to actually impose so input image optional you can actually add the names if you want but actually we don’t need that so let’s wait a little bit and

Here we go so this is the image that I actually got from dreaming the thing so it is not really a fox but yeah you get the idea so let me just try to actually dream again so let me just refresh Fox let me just just write the flux create

And let’s see the figure that is actually going to be created for us now all right so now it is a fox so yeah without any details it can give you like a decent image so what it did now is just created as a figure if you want

Something else for example realistic we can take Fox and let’s try something like on the stack let’s wait a little bit and guys if you want to like to have all these four things open you just have to get the premium version of it so if you

Want to pay for it you can just go ahead and get it so now let’s say the realistic version of the fox and here we go and basically I think if you try to upload any image here you will get like the same image what’s editing at the top

Of it so yeah this is like a realistic Fox that’s actually pretty decent so yeah guys that’s how you can use ream AI so thank you guys for watching and see you in the next tutorial

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