How to convert JPG to PDF

How to convert JPG to PDF

How to convert JPG to PDF if you have an Image file but need it easily in PDF for work or other cases we show you how to convert JPG to a #pdf

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to convert your gpg image into a PDF form so first of all guys I will need you to go ahead and open your PC and then your

Browsers whatever browser you have and then go to the other section the same goes for phone so it open any kind of browser that you have in your phone and then go to the other section search for tiny wall and then go to this website you can’t just use this website without

Signing up but if you want to sign up you can just click here sign in sign up and then use your email password I’m not a robot and then sign up for us we’ll not use this for because it is free so basically in order for us to convert our

GPC to PDF we just have to go to a PDF and you will find here to options pdf2 GPC which is this one so we can convert our PDF to a GPC image and there is PDF to our GPC to PDF so in our case we need

This one so I’m going to click on it after that we can just go to for example CV example and then we can just for example download this image so here we go save images as and let’s try to find like an image that it is like

Image so here we go this is an image and now I will go here choose this one and I’m going to do is create PDF I’m not a robot and now it will start processing let’s give it some time until it finishes the process so here we go it is

Processing now making turning everything into like a PDF so here we go let’s wait for it and this is actually really useful guys if you find any kind of PDF or like a CV that you liked and it was as an image you can actually just download the image and

Turn it into a PDF so download save to this device and here we go so if I opened it that’s how it will look like now if the quality of the image was better than that the quality of the PDF itself will be even more better but if the quality was bad

Like mine it will be like so which is really really soluble so it depends on the quality of the gpg image that you are are going to use so I guess that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you for watching

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