How to use Nightcafe AI

How to use Nightcafe AI

How to use Nightcafe AI, the new advanced AI from #nightcafe is cool to use.

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you how to use nice cafe AI so first of all what I need you to do is go ahead and open your device and go ahead and open your browser and then search for nightcafe

AI and here I will go ahead and go to the first website what I’m going to do now is click on start creating and here you should choose your creation method so for me I will choose this one and then I will do I already have a nice

Cafe account I create an instant temporary one or log into a new one so create an instant temporary one and then here we are so basically what I’m going to do is show Advanced if you want to like have advanced settings if not just go here and write your prompts

And here choose your style so for example let’s write um Dragon like gray warrior gray-haired Warrior fighting a dragon let me just fix this real quick and here is the thing and now what I’m going to do is for example let’s make choose something we can choose for example examples from

Here let me just close this real quick and let me just accept cookies and just like so guys after you finish what you want to do choose your style Etc and if you have anything just click here and create one so it creates an image now as

You can see it will create us this image so let’s wait a little bit and here it goes now it is on the process of creating the image now as you can see it is on 10 percent so let’s wait a little bit and yeah let’s give it some time and

Basically guys uh if you want to like to get more pictures more stuff all you need to do is like sign up in the website with the real account and then you can like create whatever masterpieces you want so now we are a cute so basically you just have to wait

Until this queue ends and you will have your image over here so I will stop my recording real quick and I will be right back to you right after this image they completed so back to you guys here you go this is the image that I have created gray-haired Warrior fighting a dragon

This is the simplest as it can give so it is looking pretty nice it needs some details a little bit and it will be really looking good so yeah guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you for watching

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