How to create AI Influencer Images in 2024

How to create AI Influencer Images in 2024

Step into the innovative world of digital marketing by learning how to create AI influencer images with our detailed guide. This tutorial is perfect for brands, marketers, and creatives looking to tap into the burgeoning trend of virtual influencers in the social media landscape. Discover the process of conceptualizing your AI influencer, from defining their personality and style to choosing their visual characteristics. We’ll walk you through the tools and platforms that leverage artificial intelligence to generate photorealistic images, offering tips on customization to ensure your virtual influencer aligns with your brand identity and audience preferences. Learn how to iterate on your designs, implement feedback, and utilize your AI influencer in various marketing campaigns across social media platforms. Whether you’re aiming to create a unique brand ambassador, engage with new audiences, or explore the cutting edge of digital content creation, this video provides the insights you need to bring your AI influencer to life. Join us to pioneer the future of marketing with your own AI-generated influencer. #aiinfluencer #aiinfluencers #makemoneyonline

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Hello guys and welcome to New Brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to create influencer AI images so watch the video to the end and follow these simple steps first we will need just to find any influencer that we would like to create on its images so

Either you can start like creating your own influencer character or you can just like have some from the internet you can use like for example sh GPT to for example create or just to generate some names that would match some kind of profile for example a singer like uh

Fitness model or fashion uh model or whatever you would like after you will need like to find some profile that who are similar to uh those profile that you have created so for example let’s just type fitness model and we search for anyone and just go to the images and you

Can just like uh search from uh Instagram or wherever you would like and basically we need just to search for any images that would be like accepted by uh this’s go for this one for example and let’s just copy the image and we go to Mid journey and basically to have mid

Journey we need just to go to its uh website and then come here so here we are just going to type this subcribe and then we will need just to add this image then we are just going to type enter and we will need just to accept

So now we need just to do the again so basically let’s just have let’s attach this one and basically we are just going to send the command and wait and after that it will will give you some description or it will give you generate you some prompts that would be

Able like to give you the exact same results as the picture or as for example this fitness model after that you will need just to start adding this prompt this create prompt so let’s uh just go for prompt uh imagine and after that we need just to

Type imagine and you can start like adding uh the picture uh the picture link or URL or you can start like just using the keywords that M Journey has provided and add them here on the prompts and of course you can start like adding some negative prompts you can

Start add some other parameters of uh the AI model Etc and basically after you creating these images you will have like the final result and you will have the model or the AI images of the influencer that you would like so basically this is how you can do it thank you for watching

And see you next time

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