How to get free items in Roblox

How to get free items in Roblox

How to get free items in #roblox

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to get free items in Roblox well all of us guys are playing Roblox day and night and trying to get these items that are so so much good and makes

You look so good with between your friends but sometimes it is hard to get the Roblox coins and buy these cans or accessories that the game gave it to us and we want only to get those free items if it is possible today I will show you

How you can actually get these items for free and without paying anything and sometimes not even playing the game itself so let’s start first with going to the page web of Roblox by going to Roblox come so this is the page from here we open this page here what I need you guys

To do is put in your uh information so here’s the birthday username password and here is the gender so right after that you can sign up and you will be ready to go so after that you click on login and here you guys you put your username and here your password

So right after you signed up and you looked into Roblox website you can go now to this menu which you will have ROBLOX create Avatar shop discover and go to Avatar shop so back to it Guys these are all of these scans are pretty expensive and not

Free so how can we actually get something for free basically all you need to do please go down in here and choose the price from low to high so just like that you will receive here bunch of free items so all of these items are for free

And you can get them without paying anything there is some skins clothes and much much a lot of stuff hairstyle choose this is a lot of stuff that you can use for yourself and they are like infinite so as you can see as long as I’m going down there will be something

For free loading in front of my page there’s something coolers in here in this stuff that are really bad but in uh and also it is free so we are not losing anything so yeah guys that was it and thank you for watching

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