How to get a AI filter on tiktok 2024

How to get a AI filter on tiktok 2024

There are so many cool filters on Tiktok and especially in 2024 AI tiktok filters are the new trend.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another tutorial in this video I will show you how you can actually get filter on Tick Tock so first of all guys what I will need you to do is go ahead and get your phone or cell phone or whatever it

Is and next of all what I need to do is download tick tock on it so we go to App Store and from App Store guys you just search for tick tock and just like so you will have it in here so this is The

Tick Tock logo as you can see and that’s the application so make sure you are not confusing with other applications of course you will not be confused and afterwards if you have Google Store you will have a bunch of applications that looks like Tick Tock so make sure you download the correct one

So guys right after that you click on open and let’s use this as this sorry guys let’s mute this video because it’s making some uh okay let’s keep it that way so now how we can actually get filter in on Tick Tock so what I will need you to do

Guys it’s pretty simple uh basically you go to the ad here so this icon here just click on it you add you give the permission for texture to go to your camera so open settings and let’s give it the uh the uh permission so let’s give it that way and

Let’s go back here so now as you can see if we click on ADD okay we have to give it even the permission to our um to our microphone so let’s search for tick tock Tick Tock what is tick tock tick tock tick tock it must be somewhere

In here so here it is let’s give it a microphone access as well so now after we did that we click on ADD and here we go now if you want to add any effect you click on effects and from here you can select between all of these

Filters in here so you can choose whatever filter in here and you can see yourself with this effect guys so whatever effects you you’d like to use you will be able to see right after you see it right after you click so for example if you choose this one and you

Put your face in front of your camera you will be able to see that effect or that filter on your face so yeah guys that was how you can actually add or get a filter inside your Tick Tock application so thank you guys for watching and see ya in the next tutorial bye

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