How to create AI Stock trading Bot

How to create AI Stock trading Bot

How to create AI Stock trading Bot, automate your #stocktrading with an AI generated software to trade your assets.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to create AI stock trading bot using shot GPT so basically now what I needed to do guys is go ahead and go to your browsers and open the URL

Section now here we type open AI and as you can see this is the website that we are going to use so click on the top of the website on here try and this landing page will be opened for us now what I need you to do guys is create your account first

If you don’t have it already so we can just log in using Gmail Facebook or Twitter account and just like so this page will be opened now let’s talk about this page so what we have to do in order to get the affirmations on how to create

Anai stock trading bot so basically you come here write me a sample so simple example of stock trading but here we go here is a simple example of stock trading bot written in Python so here is the stock here is like the website the data the response everything you will

Find it here so here’s buy stock and here is the set stock so return respondition get stock price and here you go guys now what you have to do is just I think change the same button here I’m not really good with the programming or like uh rating program so

I don’t know I have no idea I think but probably you have to like change this uh or never mind you don’t really have to change anything I think so and basically this port allows the user to enter a stock symbol and number of shares then

Checks the current price of the stock if the prices is above 50 50 bucks the bot will buy the specified number of shares if the price is below 30 the bot will sell the specified number of shares this is earnest uh a simple example and not a

Real word to use case trading but for that you need to check more about your recent traded rules laws and regulation your investment strategy and also use other tools like historical data analyzes and real-time data analysis so yeah guys that was it for today’s video please leave a like and thank you for


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