How to run Bing ads

How to run Bing ads

How to run Bing ads, so to advertize on the search engine #bing is quite simple we show you.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to start running your own Bing ads so first of all guys I will need you to do is go ahead and open your devices and open whatever browser you

Have and it’s for example I’m using Google Chrome now I need to do guys is to go to the other section the URL section and then search for Bing ads so pink ads or Microsoft ID are the same so Microsoft ads and now from here guys I will need you

To create or sign into a Microsoft account so let’s sign in real quick and here I will put for example my email or whatever you want so let’s use for example this one so next for example and here if you have this account already you can just put your password

So let me just put my account and I will be right back to you guys so as you can see here guys let me just close this real quick so here I am these no Microsoft advertising account associated with this email so let me just real quick sign in using

Different emails and up for new microsoft.sized account so let’s click on continue and then here create your first campaign so here guys basically you’ll have to put your website’s URL which is optional so for example I have already a Google ads account or Facebook ads account so

You can import it from Google import something from Facebook and basically for example let’s put here another for example let me just put for example a random website let’s let’s see this website real quick so let me just copy this so I will paste it in here and create AdWords so getting

Business starts in campaign setup for you so here what you have to do is recommend budget so you have to put some budget for it and then campaign name traffic click here you want CPC I mean in htpc which is adjustment by bit to get more conversation conversion or

Maximize click so if one CPC or click so here I make next the area when you want it to be and then you put next and then and here the keywords and then next create the ad how you want it to look like and here you just have to set up

Your account to put some information about you and after that you just have to pass through the payments the process is just like so you will start here first ad on Bing so thank you guys for watching and see you in the next video

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