How to create an Invoice online 2024

How to create an Invoice online 2024

How to create an Invoice online 2024.

For tax purposed in most countries you do need to create a #invoice for your business and clients in the year 2024. We show how to create that online for free.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you how to create your invoice online so basically this is an example of an invoice so we can go to Google and search for it over here so it

Will be something like that and yeah you can send it to your client so you can see the total and what stuff he is buying from you now how we can create something like that online that’s pretty easy so all you need to do is click on

Here to your browser click on online over here and click on here guys all you need to do is put like here your logo here which is what’s this on invoice from so let’s put here another like hello here belt suit let’s add the name actually lowly and here

Let’s add for example uh omics so let’s add here omax chip to for example Mexico and here let’s add a date so something like that here payment terms uh like cash due dates let’s add here something like so and Bill number let’s add like number one so here this

Kind of service uh iPhone for example or PC gaming PC and here let’s add for example try 5K here we go here the taxes so it’s going to be 20 percent and she is shipping no without any things so this is the stocks um here we go

And here I’m going to add a mouse paid which is 25. here we go and here I will add some notes some example uh make sure to leave a tip and five stars here are the same thing I will just add it and then here I will click here

Invoice and send our invoice here click on next and let’s wait a little bit let’s go back actually and just download it from here so PDF and now let’s open it so that’s how it’s gonna be looking like so here’s the invoice and of course here you must put

The logo of your company in our case I didn’t purchase because I don’t have really a logo here’s some notes here’s the terms and this is like the online invoice that you can create it’s pretty decent guys as you can see so yeah guys that was it for today’s video for

Example please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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