How to use Github in 2024 (Beginner Tutorial)

How to use Github in 2024 (Beginner Tutorial)

Dive into the world of version control and software collaboration with our beginner’s tutorial on using GitHub in 2024. This guide is designed to help newcomers navigate through the basics of GitHub, including setting up an account, understanding repositories, committing changes, and collaborating on projects. We’ll walk you through the latest features and tools that GitHub has to offer in 2024, ensuring you’re up to speed with best practices in software development and collaboration. Whether you’re a budding coder, a seasoned developer looking to refresh your skills, or someone interested in contributing to open-source projects, this tutorial will equip you with the knowledge to effectively use GitHub. #github #githubtutorial #githubcopilot

Hello guys and welcome back into new brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to use GitHub website so basically you need just to make sure to watch the video to the end and follow these simple steps so first you need to have your GitHub account so

Just go to your web browser type enter and then you will need just to log in in and create your own account so basically this is my repository or my account and and uh the basic idea of GitHub is just to manage the versions of any files or repository

To be more exact so basically you will need first to have your own repository and to have the repository you have to options either you can have the git bash so you will be able to start managing your accounts from your local desktop to your uh GitHub account so you are going

To use G bash and usually you will always need this G badge so either you can have a g in it to initiate a a repository on any place or on any directory on your local PC and then you will need just to push it uh and publish it to your

Uh repository on GitHub or you can start just cloning your own repositories that you are going to add so basically this is the main idea uh the first thing or the most important thing that you would start with is to have your repository so you will need just to give your

Repository a name description and some uh other privileges you create a repository and then of course you need to start modifying on your repository because it will be some project or uh of some kind so basically when you go to your repository after you created you

Will need just to go here to code and for local you will find clone and basically we need just to clone uh on the https request copy the URL to board or you can just use uh GitHub desktop for much easy uh easier uh usage of your

Uh repository then you will need just to go to the git bash and basically you will need just to clone uh by typing G clone and of course you need to have the URL so I’m just going to type hit clone and uh paste the URL so I’m just going

To paste and I’m going to have uh the URL that should be pasted uh start cloning so basically as you can see you will need just to add the repository after going to any directory get clone the options and those are the options Etc if you want to create branches which

Are uh more versions of your repository so you can have multiple uh branches so basically each branches will have its own updates or its own changes and each repository are uh totally independent of the uh the others so basically you can start modifying on this one and the the

Main one won’t be affected until you merge them with the merge uh uh command and there are some other commands that you would be needing like the checkout so you can start uh navigating from Branch or version to another there are other uh uh commands like fetch where you can

Fitch from your uh public repository to your local one Etc so basically this is how you can use guub thank you for watching and see you next time

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