How to get Listed on Opensea in 2024

How to get Listed on Opensea in 2024

How can you get listed as NFT collection on Opensea ?

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to get listed in openc so openc is basically a platform of nsts it is very popular and the fact that you can list an nft of yours of your collection on their website is

Really good and it can give your uh it can give you a chance to be seen and become popular so how you can do it basically you only need two things which is going to openc and open their website and the second thing which is getting a

Wallet so how you can get a wallet for example for me I’m using this metamask wallet you can get it by going to metamask and you pick this first website and from here you download it and basically you click here hostile metal mask for Chrome after that they will

Take you to this page and from here you create your you add it to it as an extension and you create your own metamask account so this is pretty simple pretty easy now after you create your first metamask account you go ahead and open openc and you choose this wallet in here

And you click on it and you just choose metamask and you click connect so as you can see now I am on my opency account which is which will be looking something like that so now to create or get listed you will go to create

After doing so here you add an image or video or audio or 3D model and it should be Max size is 100 megabytes here you add the name external link a description collection and here are some properties levels stats and if you want to be unlockable content or

Explicit sensitive content you can make it here and here you add how much Supply you have and which blockchain it will be on so here is all the blockchains that is that are available on this website and after doing all of these you click on create

So how so that’s how you can actually get listed on openc so thank you guys for watching and see you in the next video

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