How to create Music Online

How to create Music Online

How to create Music Online with simple tools.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you how to create music online so basically there is multiple tools to actually create music inside of your PC but in this video I will show you how to

Make music or languages in your browser not in your whatever it is for example your PC well you can’t tell me that online is the same but I will tell you no because now I will show you an incredible AI that will actually make you music online so what you have to do

Is music click on music AI and then click on here it is now guys all you need to do is sign up or sign into a radiant account so here is it for example sign up you just have to create an account using email password or else you can just assign it

With the Google account so here we are let’s try this out and here it is so I’m going to use this account and here we go now as you can see create a song select the soil starts by choosing the instrument style of your song so you want electronic dance to the

Rap beats Global Groove low feel relaxing meditation experimental and costume so let’s try for example Luffy all right let’s go with this and I will do rainy nights and here we go so I will click on create song now as you can see it will take it sometimes so it will keep collecting

Data and trying to make a unique song for you using these two options that you have chosen for it and later on what you have to do is simply wait until it’s fully collects all of these mesh them together as you can see now and here we

Go I think it’s gonna take us now like a couple seconds and voila so yeah I think yeah a couple seconds and it will make it first but anyway yeah after you can get it so here it is you can add vocals to it and here

It is so here you can save it on your PC if you want uh here you can edit production at a streamer drums mixing sound effects here we can add some vocals if you want you can even import vocals from your own like PC or record your own voice and not

Like that when you finish everything here it is the results and click on saved and it will be saved so next and here we go so here you can see the other version of it so yeah guys that was it today’s video if you enjoy it please leave a like and thank you

Guys for watching

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