How to get Shaders in Roblox in 2024

How to get Shaders in Roblox in 2024

If you want to know How to get Shaders in Roblox in 2024 in the game we show you in our simple tutorial. #roblox #robloxshaders #robloxgames

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Hello guys and welcome to a new brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to get shads on your Roblox game so make sure to watch the video to the end and follow these simple steps you can have your own shatters so the

First thing that we would need to do to get our shads on Roblox is to download a shads software it is called R shade all you need to do is to go to R and you will find this uh homeage so basically now we will need

Just to click on download rochade of course are just going to download the free version you click on download and we will have to weits so we can have our rochade downloaded so we click on Skip and now we have our own rochet download we wait until it downloads

Double click or click here on uh the download in bar and here our R shade is getting installed you click on install and of course uh those are keys to toggle uh you choose any key that you want to toggle shaders on and off so you can

Turn on inter turn off your shads and this is the keys to open the shads panel where you can control all the shads where you can add your own shads etc etc so we click on next we add all the shads we click on install

As you can see those are how the shads looks like on the games you click on install and you would need just to click on next close and follow and basically now we have our own uh sheds or rochet that has been installed on our local

Computer so let’s just go to the desktop and now we have our r shap luncher you just click okay and basically whenever you are entering a game in Roblox you will be able to uh initialize or to start this rochet uh Plugin or mod so basically this is how you can get your

Own shs on Roblox thank you for watching and see you next time

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