How to Create New Wallet on Ledger Live in 2024

How to Create New Wallet on Ledger Live in 2024

If you need more than one you can learn here How to Create New Wallet on Ledger Live in 2024

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to create a new wallet on Ledger live so first of all guys what I need you to do is open any kind of browser that you are using on your PC or

Your phones and then just go ahead and search for Ledger live so sorry that’s like that and here we pick this one after we choose it we have to download it on our PC so let’s go and write and yes please and download the app on Windows application

So after doing so we will wait a little bit until it is fully installed on our PC or downloaded on our PC and then just like so I will click on install so let’s wait and it must be starting in couple seconds so here we go let’s go to download and check here

And let’s open it from here if you can alright here it is so now as you can see the file has been opened so here we click on uh next install next next next is pretty simple so as we finish let’s wait a little bit and

Yeah let’s let’s wait until it is fully completed as you can see it will not even take a lot of your time so run so we will want it to be around on our PC so click on finish after that and let’s wait and game and yeah it is pretty pretty like like

Mrpc I don’t know why these days like I have so much luck but yeah uh it did it does the work so this is what is pretty much the important thing so let’s wait a little bit or I will just pause the recording until it is fully good so work foreign

So back to you guys here it is the program and it is working now so now it is opened so how we can create our wallet so we click basically on get started and here you choose what device do you have so it depends on which one

You have click on select for example here you can ask if you are the first time using your Nano s and Etc you can drag if you want to go you want here to set up it you just click here and you click on continue continue continue

Continue let’s do this so you need the best way to get you started here you click on camera ID what you’ll have to do first is plug in your uh plug in your Nano next step is it basically I understand set up a pin code

So here you put the pin code after that and then you confirm the PIN code and right inside that you click on get started and understand everything recover phrase so here they will give you they will give you a recovery place so make sure to not give this recovery

Face to anybody and right after that you keep keep going keep going until the end and while you are finished you will be ready to go and everything will be working for you so here the architecture connects and unlock your device and if you connect it and everything will work

The page will be changed to your wallet and you will see all the coins or all the crypto currencies that you have inside of it so yeah guys that’s how you can actually create your non-wallet so thank you a lot for watching and see in the next video

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