How to get a filter on Instagram

How to get a filter on Instagram

How to get a filter on #instagram

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in today’s tutorial I will show you how you can get a filter inside of your Instagram so first of all to do this uh method I wanted you to go through your phones not on any other device for example you can use your

Tablet as well but not your PCS so now what I will need you to do is download Instagram on your account or your PC by going to App Store or Google store or whatever store you have on your phone depends on your version of your phones and now what

You’re gonna do is right here Instagram and click on this one and install it if you have not installed it you click here and you will install it if you have installed it and not updated it please make sure that it is on the latest update so right after that what you’re

Gonna do is basically go ahead and open Instagram and now I will show you how you can actually get filters on Instagram accounts for for example let’s say that let me just mute everything so we don’t have any kind of volume okay now let’s check for example

Let’s see some one of these people so I don’t know which one will have a filter on it so let’s uh let’s try this one okay let’s try this one let’s see if they have any filters or not they don’t have any filters all right so for example this guy has a filter on his uh

On his toy so how we can actually uh get the filter basically you can just go to its uh story and click right below its name so there is this MK by Mario kit so we click on it and just like that you can get this

Filter from here and you can try it out or view effect page or Etc you can even set effect link or you can do whatever you like or even report it so for example if you want to add it you can just try it by clicking on try it or

Else if you want to see the the filter collection that you have you can just go ahead and click on add new story and go to your camera and from camera you can pick whatever filter you have here you can choose between them or you can go

Right to the right like the top uh like place the last page and click on search and from here you can search on the trading ones or the appearance on this or aesthetic and keep choosing whatever you’d like to choose so yeah guys that’s how you can actually get a filter on

Instagram so thank you guys a lot for watching and see you at the next tutorial

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