How to Custom Train ChatGPT

How to Custom Train ChatGPT

How to Custom Train ChatGPT in the OpenAI website.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to get a custom Training uh system from charge GPT so let’s go ahead and start with going to any kind of browser that you have and open this website which is open Ai and

Then click on try from here now as you can see this page will be open for me but for you guys they will ask you to create a new account it is pretty simple you can just put your email password password and the new desktop part and

Then your phone number after that you will receive a code in your phone or else you can just sign in and Skip all of that by using your Gmail Facebook or Twitter account no so now after this page will be open let’s say hi so now let’s say can you generate

Generate a training program for me the chain program for you however it will be helpful to normal Affairs about current levels closing this kind of limitation Etc suppositor Eliza professor before starting in your exercise program just let me know if you have any further information so my height is like I don’t

Know something like that uh uh I wait I like I don’t know 80 kilograms and I want to lose some fat on your height and weight it’s a piece that you are currently within healthy body mass index range however if you would like to lose some fat a combination of strength training and

Cardio exercise would be important here’s a simple stream program that you can follow so basically now it’s giving me a huge training or custom Training uh program for me so or more 5-10 minutes a lot of lights Cartier jaw gameplay jumping jack Etc face training which is

Three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions squat launch deadlifts shutter press pull-outs bicep scores straight tricep dips you can also do like 30 to 40 minutes they give you even for each day so for example Monday you train Tuesday rest Wednesday you train Thursday rest Fridays to strength Saturday rest Sunday

Then you trade so yeah guys that’s how you can get actually a custom uh training by shot GPT thank you a lot for watching see you next tutorial

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