How to setup Wireguard VPN

How to setup Wireguard VPN

How to setup Wireguard VPN, if you want to browse anonymous in the modern age you need a good VPN and we want to show you a tutorial on how to setup #wireguard

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to stop your wire guard first of all go ahead and open your PC and then go to your browser search in the URL section for

Wireguard so here it is and then go ahead and click on this first link here you will find bunch of informations like simple easy to use um some stuff about it so here it is everything about it that you can actually get and to be able to actually

Install it you can just click on here in the installation and here is it the white paper if you wanted to read this by your own so here it is and this is like a bunch of information is about it and you can see everything in here if

You want to do so now let’s go here and to be able to download it you have five options you have for Windows Mac OS and this one Android and iOS so from Windows you just have to click download Windows installer here we go

And all you need to do now is click in here yes and it’s shall be starting to install so as you can see here now if you want to do anything so here it is so if you want to add the tunnel you can just click here to add the

Tunnel if you want any channel if you want to import any funnels where you can just import it from this option in here here you can delete tunnels you can go through folders and here you can see the log that you have so the time and block message in everything about it you’ll

Find it in here so yeah guys so once more you just have to go to through your browser so which is a pretty simple thing just like so and then all you need to do is go to the installation from here and download it for whatever operator system you have

For example Windows macros Ubuntu Android and iOS of course these are the things like so so they are unlimited so you can go through this by your own so yeah guys that was it to today’s video officially please leave a like it thank you guys for watching

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