How to enable Two Factor Authentication on Tiktok 2024

How to enable Two Factor Authentication on Tiktok 2024

How to enable two factor authentication on tiktok 2024 to increase your account security.

Tiktok did implement this feature and we have a tutorial for #tiktok 2 factor verification. We highly recommend it for your security.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will show you how to enable two-factor authentication for Tech talk first of all guys I wanted you to go to your phones because this method will not work on PC because they don’t have this

Option then go to App Store search for tick tock and make sure that you have it installed and updated now when you finish with this step all you need to do is go back go to your application which is Tick Tock and go to your profile here

Guys what you need to do is click on this uh top right corner which is these three lines and of course here go to settings and privacy let’s wait a little bit and it’s closed I think here we go so basically here you will find multiple options from switching accounts free

Space screen time Family pens so go on here I will just go ahead and click on security and as you can see there is two-step verification so I will just click on it and here I will turn it’s on so you can turn it on by SMS email and

Enter password when you log in if you forget this password on untrusted devices you can only recover it if you have both a phone number and email link to your account so we can just for example join it for SMS and email or we can just use both then I’ll click on

Turn on hey guys I will enter an email for like verification it can be whatever you’d like so I can just use this one here we go and I will use this is this one okay send code and basically now I will just receive like a notification in

My mail I will go to my PC to get this information so I will just open my Gmail account here we go and from there I will just copy the code which is nine eight five two two nine and it is wrong code error so 985229 it

Is correct oh two nine all right five two nine nine sorry guys and I think this is it yeah this is it so now all you need to do is put here the phone number so you can just put here whatever phone number you have and it’s just

After that guys you will receive the code and put it and just like that you will be enabling your two factors authentication for tick tock so guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please give a like and thank you guys for watching

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