How to create custom Fanart with AI

How to create custom Fanart with AI

How to create custom Fanart with AI, if you want a specific image of your favorite actor or superhero we show you how to create it with AI.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to make fine art using mid-juni AI so basically now what I’m going to do is go ahead and open any kind of browsers and search for my

Journey and then from here we go to my journey and sign in with our Discord account now as you can see we’re given the authorization and then I will go to Discord and basically just like so I click on open Discord and I wait until it loads

And you will notice that your Discord the Discord server has been added to your Discord account let’s click on it and then let’s click on any set of new buys let’s go for this one for example and then I will go all the way down and I will type here slash imagine prompt

And lets them make us like a Cristiano Ronaldo fan art and let’s make it high quality digital and let’s click on enter so as you can see now it will start making us the image let’s go up a little bit so we can see the progress and yeah it can take between 30

Seconds until 2 minutes and half maximum and yeah it will give us some ridiculously good amounts of images this looks really cool also you can add the details the colors that you want to use even if you wanted to be a digital art it’s a drawing or Etc or a painting even

You can all of this choices and give it to it now let’s go down and see what it will give us so here it is and this is Cristiano Ronaldo fan art that it gave us which is looking pretty much good it is not looking so bad so yeah guys that

Is how you can actually make a far out using mid Journey AI if you enjoy this video please leave a like and thank you for watching bye guys and see you next video

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