How to use Dawn AI in 2024

How to use Dawn AI in 2024

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You will learn how to use Dawn AI in 2024

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another tutorial in this video I will show you how you can actually use the down AI application and how you can actually make some cool avatars using the application so now what I will need you to do is grab your

Phone either it is an iOS or an Android phone it will work either way so first of all we go to app store or Google store and we search for done AI here you find this one so it is the one now we click on get or download and then we

Will wait until it’s download so let’s click on done and it will be starting to download it now it will not even take couple a seconds after it’s until it downloads so it will be good to talk about this application guys meanwhile it is downloaded so first of all this

Application is basically what it does is as you can see here it creates really really cool avatars using your pictures so for example you give the I already upload the picture on this application and later on what it does is it turns them to one of these called animations

That you have in here so there is multiple options as you can see multiple categories that you can choose by your own and for example this you can be or whoever you want to be so as you can see it is some astronauts added with some

Pink hair you can color your hair you can even add someone to the picture and a lot of stuff so now let’s click on open and now it is open for us so here we wait until it’s done it’s click and here we write and click on get your avatars

Here as you can see we have to pick 8 to 12 photos of yourself and they must be high quality well lighted only one person so no one with you in that picture various locations various face expressions and various angles and please don’t wear sunglasses so after

That what you have to do is basically go ahead and click on upload uh 8 to 12 photos and basically that’s it the application will start making a lot a lot of avatars for you and you will have like to pick whatever you’d like and you can

Use them later on uh put them in like your Instagram account or whatever you’d like so yeah guys that was it for today’s tutorial eventually please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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