How to enable two factor verification on Facebook

How to enable two factor verification on Facebook

How to enable two factor verification on Facebook, since you need better security because of recent facebook leaks we do recommend to turn on 2 factor authentication on facebook.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to enable two-factor on Facebook first of all guys we need to go to our browser and open Facebook or you can just use your application as well in your phones so

Just go ahead and open Facebook and then here guys we click on our icon or our accounts and then we go to settings and privacy after that click on settings and here we will wait a little bit and go to privacy or account settings to be more specific

So let me just go back so here account settings and here you will find multiple information like your name contacts are the accounts other accounts and identify confirmation so here all you need to do is click on here to view it in case you wanted to make a

Notification uh idea of Confirmation and it will make your account more secured if not you can just come back here and go to settings or security and log in and then from here all you need to do is go here so over here to a factor authentication and you can just use

Two-factor identification from here so we click on edit and all you need to do is choose authentication app so you can use an application like Google Authenticator or your mobile to generate verification code for more protection so for example I’m going to use it so use application for app here

And all we need to do is go to our mobile take a photo using the app so let me just open the app in my phone here we go add scan QR code and then I made a scan it real quick continue and

Now all I need to do is write it so here it goes six four three three and just like so let me just fix it with zero six oh let me my bad it’s six nine one zero four six so yep that was it so this is my uh this is

My login so I click done here and after that I need to put my password and just like so I have made my two-factor authenticator in my Facebook so because I don’t want it to be in my account I don’t I’m not going to put it

In my password and click on continue but for you guys let’s put your password and it will be done so thank you guys for watching that was it for today’s video and see you next tutorial

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