How to find the Facebook link of a Post

How to find the Facebook link of a Post

How to find the Facebook link of a Post, since they do not make it that simple to display it we show you how to find the #facebooklink of a users post.

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So hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to find the Facebook link of a post so sometimes you really like to share a post with your friends or family and you don’t

Know how to do that you don’t want to give them like to share that post in your profile because maybe it’s bad or something like that but you want someone from your close Circle to see it how we can do it it’s pretty simple just go to

Your Facebook so here we go Facebook and let’s say that I like this post here here it is so what can I do well basically there is two ways the first one which is by clicking into the posts and basically this is the link that

Comes with it so I can copy it and share it with my friends the second thing which I can do is pretty simple go click here and you will find here multiple options you will find like hypo supports turn on notifications export and save

Post so you can save it and show it for your friends later on and third option which is sharing it but here instead of sharing it in your profile as you can see here you can just send it in a messenger message or share it to a page

Share to a group share to our friends profile and here you can copy the link so both will work for you so here if I pasted this link it will take me to the same post that I have chosen so let’s try for example with another post let’s

Say for example uh this one so here the same thing copy this and if I type this in here as you can see it will take me to that post so that’s pretty much it that’s how you can get the Facebook link of whatever post and social media you

Would like so yeah guys that’s pretty much it you can even copy like a comment link you can copy not only a post it can be video story profile whatever you think of it will be working with it so guys thank you for watching and see y’all in the next tutorial

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