How to enable two factor at Linkedin

How to enable two factor at Linkedin

How to enable two factor at Linkedin.
#linkedin the new business platform should be secure and 2 factor security can help with that.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to enable two-factor at LinkedIn so first of all I wanted to go to your browser or your application on your phone and search simply for LinkedIn so

Here we go LinkedIn and now just click on the website and sign into your account and now what you’ll have to do is simply the space shall be open for you so how you can actually do that let’s go to me not work let’s go click

On yourself your name or whatever it is then click on settings and privacy from here guys don’t go to here just ignore everything of course if it is dark mode make it dark mode so it can be easy for your eyes and click here on sign in and security and you’ll find

Here for numbers change password and so go on and here finally the two-step verification click on it to turn it on and click here to setup so here we can choose authentication app and click on continue Center your next game password to make this change we can just try to actually submit it

And here all you need to do is simply install Microsoft authentication app or any other authentication app of your choice add your account notification app to the add new account flow use LinkedIn and as the account name and enter this key the secret key so let’s try this out for example

Let’s go to the phone so let’s go to my phone I’m going to authentication so here we go somebody that’s what you have to do is just click on add to your phone if there was actually um a QR code here it would have so much

Better so all you need to do is just copy this send it yourself for example in WhatsApp or any other application and just like that just go to this application which is Microsoft authenticator click on Plus on this application and click on enter a setup key and then click on account this name

And in the key add this one just like that click on ADD and click on continue over here and they will give you a six digit code after you put here your authenticator will be activated and it will be on over here so hey guys that

Was it for today’s video of enjoy please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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