How to create AI Chatbot

How to create AI Chatbot

How to create AI Chatbot for your Customer Support service or any other belongs you might have to solve with your #chatbot

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new tutorial in today’s video I will show you how to create an AI chatbot using chat GPT so first of all what I’m going to do is go ahead and open any kind of browsers that you have

On your PC and then go ahead and open open AI and open and click on try right after that you go ahead and just for example go and text hi as you can see it will answer me so now what I’m going to do is can you make me a simple ball

Okay there are many ways to create a bot and a disappears will depend on what you want about to do and here are some options you can consider use about the building platform there are military numbers etc etc etc etc this platform providers are user friendly interface we

Didn’t deployed Etc so we don’t really care about that this is for only the ones who want to learn how to make a bot but now can you make me about the answers or like make me an AI that answers simple questions like mathematical the questions

So let’s see now yes I can help you create this can answer mathematical questions one way to do this is to use pre-trained a language model such as gpt3 you can use the open API to access gpt3 embroid and AI discount mathematical questions another way is to use pre-built previous for example so

Please let me know if you want anymore so can you make me a an AI that I can chat with yes I can help you create the separate AI chatbot so here it is that you can interact with as I mentioned before there are several ways such that uh so

It will tell you how to make it and Etc so yeah guys that’s how you can actually ask the AI basically sometimes he will not provide you with the code itself if it was just uh provide you with like answers and information how to create one but yeah guys that was it today’s

Tutorial if you did please leave a like and thank you for watching

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