How to Recover Deleted Tiktok Videos in 2024

How to Recover Deleted Tiktok Videos in 2024

Discover the essential steps to recover your deleted TikTok videos with our targeted guide. This tutorial is crafted for TikTok users who’ve accidentally deleted their content or are experiencing regrets about a hasty decision. We’ll walk you through potential recovery methods, including checking your device’s gallery or cloud backups, leveraging TikTok’s recently deleted feature if available, and understanding the platform’s data recovery policies. Ideal for content creators and casual users alike, this video aims to alleviate the stress of lost digital content. Learn how to navigate the complexities of data recovery on TikTok, giving you a chance to reclaim your cherished videos and continue sharing your creativity with the world. #tiktok #tiktoktutorial #tiktokvideo

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Hello guys and welcome to New Brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to recover deleted videos from Tik Tok so make sure you watch the video to the end and follow these simple steps so first make sure to L into your uh Tik Tok account and then we would

Need just to recover our videos so basically we need just to go to your profile and here you will find all your videos you can find your drafts your privacy video you can find them here and everything so now either you can click to this video and then the three point

Icon here you can see uh there is a download video so if you have like saved your videos you will need just to re uh upload your own videos or your own content to the same account so basically we need just to come here and then you

Will need just click upload and after that you will need just to add the video if it is is already saved into your gallery otherwise you would need just to recover all your data so you can have all the removed uh items or video and all stuff so basically you will need

Just to go to your own settings so here on your profile you will find the navigation bar here like on the corner you go to settings and privacy and after that we will need just to search for account and here you will need just to download your data by

Downloading your data you can recover all your data and basically you can have them either in as you need just to click on requested data or just download here you can see all uh the data uh that you have already downloaded so basically you need just to request the data and then

You would need just to wait for Tik Tok to send you an email or any notification to say that your data has been sent that you need just to re-upload the video that you have deleted and that’s it so basically this is how you can do it

Thank you for watching and see you next time

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