How to get verified on Instagram in 2024

How to get verified on Instagram in 2024

How to get verified on #Instagram in 2024 to get your blue checkmark

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how you can actually get verified on your Instagram account so first of all what I will need you to do is go to your phone so if you are using your PC this uh verified the

Option will not show up for your own PC so you need to be on your phone now what’s next we need to do is going to install our Instagram so if you don’t have Instagram already in your phone you can go to App Store and from here you go

To search and search for Instagram just simply like that and make sure if you have already Instagram make sure that it is updated on the latest version so like me I don’t have it on the latest version so I will click on update and after

Updating it you will be ready to go and I trust me guys it will not really take uh really couple like seconds for you to update it and I’ll start it and create an account on Instagram so now what do we talk what would we need to do first before we get our

Verification on our account we need to be allowed to get this verification so what are the uh stuff that we need to have in our account in order to be verified basically there is uh seven or six things first of all we need to be uh at least 10 posts on our account

Second of all we need to have 1K followers first of all we need to be uh or we need to have a six month old account and the next thing we need is a simple username without any symbols the fourth thing is um we need to have like the the

Affirmations details on our account has to be matching the identity proven that we will send to Instagram later on and the last thing with this you must have a public account what’s a private account so now let’s get ahead into our account by clicking on open

And now we have to go to our profile and from here guys you go to these three bars and then settings and from settings you go to account here you go down and click on request verification and wait so here guys what you need to do is put your information so here you

Put all the information that you have to put and then you submit these affirmations will only determine if your account meets the verifications criteria so all you need is to do all of these things here to fully make like correct information about you don’t put any fake information because they will not uh

Verify you so after you do all of these steps it will take them like two or three days to verify all of these affirmations and after that you will be verified on your Instagram account so yeah guys that was it to today’s tutorial if you enjoyed it please leave

A like and thank you guys for watching

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