How to change rpc on Metamask to avoid tracking

How to change rpc on Metamask to avoid tracking

How to change rpc on #Metamask to avoid tracking

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how you can actually make uh or change the RPC on your metamask wallet to avoid being tracked so it depends on which network are you on on your metamask wallet for example

If you’re on polygon if you are on ethereum if you are on binance or the BNB Network it depends on which RPC you have to choose in order to change it but the way of changing it it’s pretty simple and pretty straight ahead so what

You have to do is first of all if you don’t have metamask you just go through a metamask here and download it from this website so here you choose either you want it for iOS Android or Chrome and you just untied as an extension for your PCS so right after that you will

Create your account and you or you import your own account now what you’ll have to do guys is basically open your metamask wallet close this and as you can see here is your wallet your account and your coins it doesn’t matter if you are connected or not because it is not really

Important now now what you have to do is just click on this icon in here your profile picture on metamask click on it go to settings and from settings search for Networks and then click on the ethereum main net or whatever Network you want to change it’s our PC so now we

Choose the ethereum magnet and here is the page that we up here is the oh each detail about this network so here we have network name here we have chain ID currency symbol block Explorer IRL and here we have the RPC URL so in order to change in it you just have to

Click on it and change it of course you can change for this at a minute because it is locked and you can’t really change it but if you have polygon or any other kind of tokens or network on your metamask you can change it and for example let’s add a new network

And let’s make it for example polygon and here let’s click approve Switzer polygon mainnet got it edit settings so if you want here to network and we choose polygon so here as you can see guys I can actually change it and do whatever I’d like to do with it so yeah

Guys that was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you for watching

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