How to set up social media alerts on twitter in 2024

How to set up social media alerts on twitter in 2024

How to set up social media alerts in 2024, since you might want to be up to date what happens there. So how do you turn on social media notifications on #twitter

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to actually set up your social media alerts so how you can get your notification in PC whenever something happens in your social media basically it has a relationship with the notifications

Usually so first of all let’s go for example to Twitter and from there I will go to my account so here we are and let’s go to more and here I will go to the settings so settings and support settings and privacy here guys Search for notifications and as you can see you

Can choose here first as both filters and muted sort of cases if you have any Mutual notifications just remove them so keep them on and here preferences boost notification or email notification you can choose whatever you’d like for example email to get alerts in your

Email inputs is for like to turn on like uh like a label that will appear in your PC when someone sends you something so we can use this as well in our PC and allo and as you can see it asks for some permission for example related View and

Your twist you can choose here and make specific things that you want them to notify you about and this will apply on every social media account so the same thing for example with Facebook if I want to Facebook and I wanted the notification to be on you

Can just go through here and turn the notification on from here so reset notification and the notification will be on as well from here same thing goes for Instagram so if I went to Instagram here guys go here and basically search for notification and turn it on from your settings which

You will find in here so just click on here settings and turn it on guys and of course that will work with any case of social media it can work with your Discord accounts WhatsApp uh other like LinkedIn Reddit so you you tell me and it will be working with it so simply

Let’s go to the icon that will be on top left or let’s go into the settings if you’re of your account and turn on the notifications alerts so okay that was it for today’s video please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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