How to setup Dynmap

How to setup Dynmap

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Yo what up guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to set up dine map basically Time map is a mode in Minecraft that allows you to add the map into the game so it will be looking

Something like that as you can see here so here we go and this is like basically the map and what you could do so how you can get it that’s pretty easy just go here and go to din map download Minecraft and as you can see here you will only

Need to click on this website which is what until it opens and from here all you need to do is actually download now here we go so now I will click on download and here we go so now let’s wait until it’s fully installed here it is and as you can see

Edit.just so we need Java so what you have to do is go to Java go to and here it is so download Java as you can see through here uh download Java here we go and let’s wait download Java even here and here it is now all

You need to do is wait until Java is fully loaded as you can see over here it is downloaded so let’s wait and let’s open it now it’s pretty simple you just have to click next next so let’s click next or install so install and here it

Is so you have to wait a couple of seconds and it will be installed now let’s give it some time and voila so it is downloaded and basically while it is downloaded let’s read out what this actual plugin can give you so the future is high configurable Maps per word so you can

Actually like configure your own map using this plugin you read some updates play with their faces are visible on the maps that misses are visible my viewer can start to place in game and circle one so basically here you can see whatever you like you can download like

The Code itself if you wanted and yeah that’s how the map will look like for example if you had like the game a server or something like that everybody will be looking something around that it’s basically so realistic that is so good to be real so now when the Java

Actually finishes all you need to do is add this file to your server plugins and launch your server again and it will be done so guys that’s how you can access stop your thin map for your Minecraft server so thank you guys for watching and see you guys in the next tutorial

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