How to get verified on Tiktok in 2024

How to get verified on Tiktok in 2024

You might wonder on How to get verified on #Tiktok in 2024.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in this tutorial I will be showing you how you can actually join the Creator fund or get verified on Tic Tac so first of all what I need you to do is go to your mobile so don’t use your your

PC or anything else we need you to be on your mobile so what you need to do is install first your Tick Tock uh Tick Tock application by going to app store and then search for tick tock so as you can see here it is tick tock

Make sure that is on the latest update so I will update it really fast as you can see and yeah make sure that you are on the latest update so we don’t miss any options so we might have different options or different settings so in

Order to be in the same page we need to be in the latest updates so now I’m updating my tick tock on the latest update possible in order to be fine with you guys so now let’s talk about the requirements before we talk about uh the verification uh system of tick tock so

What I needed to what tick tocks need you to be is 18 years old and have at least 10K followers on your account and to be from one of these countries which is the USA UK France Spain Germany or Italy and have at least 100K views on

The last 30 days and then to have an original account or original content so we don’t steal content from other people you don’t still like videos and re-upload them on your account it is 100 original content so after you have all of these requirements what you need to

Do is go to your profile or your Tick Tock account and from here let’s click on Skip and let’s skip all of that and as you can see here is my account so what I’m going to do is literally I’m going to here and then from here I’m going to click on

Settings and privacy and from here I go to account so first of all here what I will need you to do is click on this virtual business account and here you click on next choose whatever category you want so let’s click on any random one and then here you put your email address

Your bio and you are now a Creator so let’s create now and let’s close this so now after you do that it must show you later on if we clicked again here and we want to create uh our settings in privacy and after we have the same uh the same requirements that

We talked about in earlier you will have here an option which says go to or join Creator fund so after you have it click on it and then you have to fill some informations about you and then after two or three days they will analyze your account and give you the Creator fund

Verification so yeah guys that was it for today’s tutorial if you enjoyed it please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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