How to exclude something with prompt in Midjourney

How to exclude something with prompt in Midjourney

How to exclude something with prompt in midjourney.
If you want to create a image in Midourney its simple with /imagine but we also show you how to exclude something specific in your generations.

WHAT DOES “- -NO” DO IN #midjourney ?
If you want to exclude something from your image, append the “- -no” function to the end of your prompts. It’s called negative prompting, and you can use similar commands in Google search, too.

For example, “- -frogs” in a prompt of “/imagine a wonderful pond” would try to reduce or eliminate any images of a frog appearing. It can be finicky though and I find it doesn’t work a lot of the time.

Like excluding the famous AI hands or removing a background or so on.

This video is a comprehensive guide to help you learn how to do something. It includes a step-by-step tutorial and helpful tips throughout to ensure you can complete the task. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this video will provide you with the information and resources you need to become an expert.

Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to exclude something with prompt in with my journey so first of all I will need you guys to open your browser go to my

Journey and as you can see here all I’m going to do is simply go down and sign in or sign beta so I’m going to sign in as you can see here and now all you need to do is simply log into your account I will log in through

My account with the QR code so simply I will just go to my device click on scan QR code and here we go so I scanned it so here we go it’s logging me in and give authorization the same thing what I’m going to do next

Is simply go to Discord on my uh on my browser and then click on open Discord so now how we can exclude something and add some stuff to our mid Journey prompt n simply what you have to do is go to my journey with a Discord server

And here guys I will go all the way down and simply for example let’s say that you want to design something that has a relation with gaming so slash prompts slash imagine first prompt and here what I’m going to do is let’s start like gaming setup uh two screen two monitors uh with

Gaming chair uh One keyboard and mouse and a big screen for PlayStation and all of this I wanted to be only with blue and black color so for example and green oh and gray I mean so add some white let’s try white there all right so

That’s how you can exclude stuff in mid Journey prompt and so now what I’m going to do is high quality and click on enter now what I’m going to do is simply is wait until it fully loads so here we go guys let’s wait for it and it is now

Waiting to start as you can see so it may not take a lot of time now it is sending command as you can see here all we need to do is simply wait until it sends the command and then it will start making us the actual image so let’s wait

Send the command now it sends it now let’s start waiting for it to create us the thing so I think this is it for me yeah this is it for me so now it will start creating it and here we go now it is at zero percent so let’s wait

First until it becomes 100 so it’s collecting data make sure that the colors are gray white and blue and making sure that they have two monitors so the body is actually pretty decent you just have to give it some time so 31 now okay they have added like one extra monitor here okay

Uh sometimes it can be confused with the prompt that you give but overall it will be good to go so now it finishes the image so let’s go all the way down and here it is guys that’s actually pretty decent No actually that’s pretty good so

This is the chair I mean yeah that’s good that it looks actually I can get expired from this I can get this bars from this setup the the table is wise the keyboard is blue two screens that are like curved on the PC I think is

This one or this one I don’t know which one is the PC but um here it is like the volume here’s the chair but yeah this is exactly what you asked for beside the PlayStation I don’t know what the PlayStation is and the big screen is so I think the best screen is

They don’t didn’t include it over here because it was kind of weird but yeah overall that was pretty decent so yeah guys this was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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