How to Get verified on Twitter 2024

How to Get verified on Twitter 2024

Since elon musk took over the company there is so many people who do wonder about How to Get verified on twitter 2024.

We show you how to get your blue checkmark on #twitter or now called #x

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another tutorial in this video I will be showing you how you can actually get verified on Twitter 2023 so first of all nowadays after Elon Musk has bought Twitter he’s changed actually how you can get your verified icon on Twitter

Basically you have to pay now in order to find your verified so everyone uh can get it but uh yeah you’ll have to pay for it so how you can actually go and get it first of all you need to open your browser and then go to Twitter so

Let’s like that and from here you have to open your account so here’s my account so in case guys if you want your profile and here or in the daily settings we didn’t find the option that’s called Twitter blue that means that your country is not available for it

So what I suggest you to do is basically go to here and open Google extensions and try to download any kind of VPN so let’s try for example uh Ola VPN so this one in here works good so as I have it already in my browser and yeah

Let’s try this one so now what I’m going to do is go to my Twitter page and from here I will just go ahead and manage extensions to find the extension so I will make it work and now I will go here pin it and click on here and choose the

United States so let’s start with clicking on it and now it will refresh so let’s give it a little bit of time let’s reload and now I think it is not working so let’s refresh again let’s connect to our account so let’s choose this one and click on next

Uh all right let me just connect my account guys and I will write back to you guys so here I am back to you guys so now as you can see here I can see now the Twitter blue option so what I’m going to do now is click on it

Right after that they will show me here all the access axes that I will get it from this and all the advantages that I will be getting from paying this eight dollars so what am I getting after paying this eight dollars first of all I’m getting this verified icon next to

My name second of all I’m getting this uh Rockets of the topper for replies mentions and search uh this see half the ad so there will be less ads on your profile uh post longer videos and get early access to new features on like new upcoming features of Twitter and here is

Some more stuff that you can see for example you can edit your tweets five times uh you can add University profile pictures and you can upload a 1080p video quality so what you have to do now is click on subscribe and here as you can see sorry is not available

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