How to use AI for future predictions

How to use AI for future predictions

How to use AI for future predictions, on events or currency and stock up and downs.
#AI is the future.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial we will see how to use AI to check if it can give us some future predictions so for example let’s go ahead first to your PC and then open any kind of browser and then open this website which

Is open AI now from here guys we go to the top and click on try over here and basically what I’m going to do is connect to my account basically I’m already connected to my account for you guys you have to go and connect your account if you have it if you don’t

You just have to create a new one by using your Gmail account Facebook or Twitter account so it is pretty simple method now what I’m going to do is check if it is working so hi hello how can I help you today okay can you give me predictions

I can’t give you a prediction based on the information I have been trained on in the context of your question however please keep in mind that my public may not always be accurate they should not taken as fact so for example let’s say how many people are predicted

To be on Earth by 2030. so for example according to the United Nation the global population is projected to reach 1 8.5 billion by 2030 for example uh let’s see something else can you give me predictions about World Cup thank you please say about the water

Based on the fs Urban Trend but it’s important to note that this prediction okay it’s highly competitive and manufacturers affect the accountant the next shortcut is scheduled in held account also basically um the the AI is actually programmed on 2021 so it doesn’t he doesn’t know that

We are already in 2023 so basically now he’s it’s giving me some pretty examples Qatar uh what caputis which has been already done and so it teams that their performance will also play huge or in service so oh we would do a thing is gonna be the winner let’s see that

Very difficult to save who will win uh there are many strong scenes around the world at the denominator the the traditionally considered to be strong for example Brazil Germany Spain and Argentina but many others have shown using it as the tournament is still far and there will be many events and

Tournaments that will happen before the World Cup so it’s hard to predict winner basically sometimes it can give you the prediction and sometimes it will not give it prediction so yeah guys that’s how you can actually use the AI as a prediction tool so thank you a lot for

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