How to Install Plugins in Adobe After Effects in 2024

How to Install Plugins in Adobe After Effects in 2024

Dive into the dynamic world of Adobe After Effects in 2024 and unlock your creative potential by learning how to install plugins. This beginner-friendly tutorial will guide you through the straightforward process of adding new plugins to enhance your After Effects toolkit, opening up a realm of new effects, transitions, and functionalities. Whether you’re looking to add realistic particle effects, 3D integrations, or smooth motion graphics transitions, this guide has you covered. Follow along as we explore where to find the best After Effects plugins, how to safely download and install them, and tips for organizing your plugin library for optimal workflow efficiency. Perfect for both aspiring and seasoned video editors, this tutorial will ensure you stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of digital visual effects. #adobeeffects #adobe #adobeplugins

Hello guys and welcome back into new brand video in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install plugins on Adobe After Effects so basically there are two methods to uh install Adobe After Effects plugins there are some plugins that have some setups and that they will be automatically installed

After purchase purchasing them or you acquiring them uh from uh the intern so we can just go to uh uh Adobe plugins and we can find a many plugins so there are some that can be installed as a zip file that contain all the plugin as a

Package and there are some that are uh uh required or just uh both and installed and they will uh automatically be uh inserted on Adobe After Effects and there are some you will need just to go to Adobe After Effects uh folder so you can just search for it on the main

Menu here you WR right click and go to open file location so we can easily access to the file location of adob After Effects we go to open file location again and from here we need just to search for support files uh files and we search for plugins and for

From here we can find plugins and as you can see I already had these plugins here and all we need to do is to start having your plugins that will be inserted as an aex file and you will find them on uh your software and as uh a matter of uh

Change or uh testing you can just go and add any folder new plugin and if we go to uh plugin and if we go to our Adobe after effect so let’s just go to after effect we will see that we will find this folder here and of course it should

Include some uh ex uh files as follow so we can start using these plugins so basically we need just to wait for the app to launch and we are going to see our plugins there and now as a matter of test you will need just to go here uh on

Other way after effect you will need just to go to effect presets and if you cannot find it we can search for here in window you go to effects and presets and it will show up this window you can just go to the navigation bar and search for

The manage effects and basically as you can see those are all the effects on uh Adobe after effect and as you can see this is uh uh the the directory where the the effects are in and let’s just click on uh here and basically all the effects are on the support files plugins

And go to effects and you can add your effects there so this is exactly what we’ve done we go here we are on Adobe After Effects support files we search for plugins and here in plugins we can find uh effects so basically we go to effects

And you can do you can still have them on another uh folder it will still work the same and here in effect we can find these all plugins and as you can see this is the resizer we can search for this one and click on resizer and as you

Can see even if it’s not on effect uh place or on effect folder you can still have some sub folder for them and then add the effect so basically this is how you can do it thank you for watching and see you next time

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