How to setup metamask

How to setup metamask

How to setup the #metamask wallet

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to set up your metamask account for the first time first of all metamask is a wallet or digital wallet for cryptocurrencies so in order to save your cryptocurrencies

In a wallet you will need any kind of wallet but the most important one or the most famous one and the safest one is metamask so in order to download it on your browser or your phone or whatever it is you just have to go for example to

Your Google Chrome or any browser then go search for metamask and from here guys you see this website now we click on it and we click on download so here there is three options if you have Chrome or iOS or Android for me I have Chrome so I installed metal mask on Chrome

Now they will take us to this extension so we add to Chrome and ADD extension right after it’s B it’s done we wait a little bit and now we just open the space which is gonna be opened automatically and click on get started and then we agree and here in this phase

They will ask you if you have already an account so if you want to make an account if you have already an account you just click here and import your wallet if not you have to create a new wallet from here you put your passwords for example so let’s make a random

Password uh I don’t know let’s make like a random one so this is for a tutorial so let’s make it here here and I have read and create right after that they will give you this secret word so this secret recovery phrase you shouldn’t give it to anyone

Guys it must be safe and not show it to anyone so please after you get this phrase save us in a paper on or on your PC even though your PC is really dangerous if you got hacked so save it on a paper and

Save it in a safe place and yeah this is like literally this is like your password there is password increase this recovery phrase this recovery phase is the one that will help you recover your tokens Etc if you changed your PC or stuff like that so yeah guys that’s how you can set

Up your metamask account so if you enjoyed this video please leave a like and thank you for watching

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