How to Register to Vote in US Elections in 2024

How to Register to Vote in US Elections in 2024

If there is election time in the USA again we show you how to register for voting for the presidential election in 2024.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in today’s tutorial I will show you how you can actually Vote or resist the vote in the US so first of all guys I wanted you to do is open your browser on your cell phone

Or on your PC or whatever it is the plug the tool that you’re using and then search for so the website that looks like that and so let’s open this website and here it is so now what you’ll need to do is this website actually gives you a bunch of

Information so here’s their number if you want to contact anyone uh you have the right they give you something like you have the right to vote if anyone’s trying to stop you call the election protection hotline so if anyone try to stop you guys make sure to call this

Slide so now you need to register for vote so what you need to do is click on this it takes less than two minutes so here you click on here you fill this form so clearly put your first name last name you can search the language or

Spider if you want here you put your street address apartment city state ZIP code here the date of birth month day year and here and here you put your email address or your cell phone and then you must check this box which is I agree on the privacy policy and you

Click on submit after that you will be resisted in the vote and legally in the vote section now if you want to vote by email you can do it through here so you fill this again and you submit it or else if you want to check your registration for

Example you have registered and Etc you can also fill this form in here also guys there is another option in this website which is uh gets election reminder so it’s like a alarm board that will send you messages if the elections are soon so again what you have to do it

Will just be the same thing just fill in this form and submitting and yeah like I really suggest that you fill all of these forms in here guys just to make sure that you are legal legally um good to vote in the next elections so yeah guys that was it for today’s

Tutorial if you enjoyed it please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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