How to make money selling AI Art

How to make money selling AI Art

How to make money selling AI Art, there is so many way to make #money with it.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how you can actually make money selling AI Arts so first of all I need you guys to go through your PC and now let’s start this tutorial now

Open any kind of browser and what I highly suggest you to do is go ahead and create either an Instagram account or a Fiverr account or a Pinterest account so so Instagram account for example or later Fiverr account so let’s go to Fiverr and let’s go to Pinterest so like

That here we go so basically what you can do is go to for example to dream Studio or the stability AI so as you can see which is this one now we go all the way down join here and here it is the dim studio so what you

Can do is start making images through this AI so whatever comes to your mind just use this AI to make like images and then go ahead and post them on your Fiverr of course when people like see your images on Fiverr and Etc they were really like a modified verb as I mean

Pinterest so if you post them in the Pinterest you will get likes and maybe your post can get viral so when that happens make sure to include your Fiverr accounts or like any kind of detail that they can contact you with in your Pinterest post so after that let’s go ahead enter your

Fiverr account make a jig with these images that you have put in your Pinterest account and then you will get people asking you to make them some pictures and as you can see here there is already some pictures from AI in the Fiverr accounts for example this one so

Yeah guys this is the total idea on how you can actually use AI to make money you can just generate picture from here and go save them in any kind of website that you have in mind or that I’ve told you about so yeah guys that was it to

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