How to create a Roblox Tshirt in 2024

How to create a Roblox Tshirt in 2024

If you want to change your style in Roblox you need to know how to Create a Roblox Tshirt in 2024.
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Hello guys and welcome to a new brand video in the in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to create your own shirts on the Roblox game so make sure to watch the video to the end so you can learn how to create your own shirts and

Follow these simple steps so basically the first thing to do is just to start creating your own design on the Roblox easiest tool or the easiest way to create your own design is by going to the custum use by clicking or accessing uh accessing this website you will need just to go

Here and make sure to sign up and log in to this website so you can be able to create your own shirt after that you will need just to go to my design and basically let’s first log into our account here and just click continue and

This is the easiest way to loging in is by logging in with your own Google account so let’s just accept the ccas ETC and now all we need to do either you can eii generate your own t-shirts or you can create your own ones so basically let’s just go to uh my designs

And I as you can see we don’t not have anything to create or we didn’t create yet any other uh designs so now all we need to do is to start by modifying or remixing design or a template so just to the Discover and here at the beginning of the first row

You will find many templates we want only Roblox BL shirt so you go to the blank shirts you choose any uh design or any template that you want to remx after that you need just to click on the remix and we will need just wait for the model

To load and here you can add anything to your design from this icon or whatever and as you can see you can see like uh coordinates or positioning of your T-shirt and you can have it however you like and upload your own Medias add some accessories and of course there are some

Items that are only accessible on on the premium version so as you can see we can have our own uh coloration or our own drawings so basically you can start draw whatever you like Etc after that you will need just to save in publish or you can save

Privately and let’s just save our design and then we will need to have it on our own local computer and basically now it will redirect us to our uh designs or our homepage dashboard and then here you will need just to download your uh private custom of course you can start like the

Free trial and after that it will be downloaded as a PNG or gpg after that you will need to go to the create. and here you will find uh the Creator Hub or the Roblox Studio then you will need just to go to Creation after that you go to Avatar items here

You go to classic shirts and you need just to upload assets and then here you upload the image of uh your design and of course it will be uh something similar to such an image it will be a s like that it will be a 2d camera so

Basically you need just to upload that image here you give it name description and you upload here and you will be able to have your own shirts on Roblox so basically this is how you can do it thank you for watching and see you next time

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