How to restore Whatsapp Backup from google drive 2024

How to restore Whatsapp Backup from google drive 2024

How to restore Whatsapp Backup from google drive 2024 since you might need to download your backups again. A #whatsappbackup tutorial for you.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive so first of all guys I will need you first to go to your app store and then of course get what’s up so here we

Go WhatsApp and click here to get it from there so make sure that it is not web just WhatsApp so here we go and here it is so install it update it and you will be good to go the second thing guys is to make sure that you have backup in your

WhatsApp how to know that just go to the application so here we go go to Whatsapp the settings and of course you will have to go to your backup from Shots over here and here you go and see if there is initial backup so as you can see here it

Is now I don’t have really a backup so and since I’m using iPhone it is not going to my Google Drive but if you are using Google like Android mobiles it will go directly to your Google Drive on your Android mobile so you don’t really

Have to be afraid of that so the second thing when you are ensure that you have your backup in your Google drive what you have to do is simply simply go ahead and open your WhatsApp again from another mobile and then easily click on export or restore your data from here so

Export chat and that’s it all you need to do is click in here so at this button in here and then in your Android mobile they will give you like options from Google Drive or some like APK file so you will choose the Android or the Google Drive and after that you just

Have to choose the location where your data is or your backup is and just like that you just have to give it a couple minutes until it fully loads all the data inside of your WhatsApp and you will have everything restored and ready to go so I got that was it for today’s

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