How to Setup Facebook Group Admin Assist in 2024

How to Setup Facebook Group Admin Assist in 2024

If you do not want to moderator your Facebook Groups it might be interesting for you to learn How to Setup Facebook Group Admin Assist in 2024

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how you can give a face your Facebook group assistance so how we can give this role to anyone in your group so first of all let’s open this chord as you can see here

And and yeah so basically guys as you can see let’s go to a group for example to groups and from here guys let’s join any group for example this one let’s go then to members and as you can see we will find a lot of members some of them are

Admins some of them are moderators and the others are group experts so how you can actually make this work on your group as well it is pretty simple what you need first is just to go to your Facebook group which is from here create your group from here for example

You make a name here choose your privacy list so let’s make something very quick and hidden and here we can Avail people so let’s create now my group is empty so it doesn’t have that much of people but in your case if you have many people on your group you

Can actually pretty easily go to members and from here you will find a lot of people or you can invite people as well from here anyway now you can’t give modulator from here for example others group and as ADD other group experts you can add something like that you can add

Topics uh you can search for topics add experiences education work etc and a lot of a lot of uh stuff that you can add as well uh you can even make them admir of the group and you can from here as well leave the group guys so

Yeah once again what you have to do is go to your group go to members from Members you will decide which one you want to give them the assist the assist or whatever you want for your group so in our case it’s admin assets so admin assistant which is moderator so you

Click on them you give him the moderator role and that’s it guys so thank you a lot for watching guys and so you see you in the next video

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