How to Backup your Metamask

How to Backup your Metamask

How to backup your #metamask wallet, which is important to do.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to another video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to backup your metamask account so basically guys before creating your metamask account you must know that you really need to save a phrase that metamask gives you so for

Example let me create a new account and so let’s remove this so I will go here and here and remove the middle mask so let’s make it like that and here we go now let’s go to metamask and I will show you everything specifically now if we click on download and we

Install it on our PC or phone there was cell do the same thing which is ASCO if you have an account already or if you have a new account a lot of you guys have already an account in metamask but they don’t know how to import their account because they

Don’t don’t have their secret phrase they don’t have the backup of their account so how you can get this backup basically when you create your wallet for the first time and you paste this here so let’s place the a password random password as you can see here guys they will give

Us this secret recovery phase you must read that your secret recovery phase makes it easy back up and restore your account never give this recovery phase to anyone and never never lose it this is really important for your account this is more important than even your password

So this thing in here this place in here and you must save it in a paper on your PC make a picture of it screenshot it doesn’t matter but you have to save it somewhere so this is the only way that you can actually get your accounts back

So for example let’s do this and fiber dirt dirt leather reward strip so the ladder reward flip and invite kernel exotic deliver invite Kano exotic deliver I think face clock so confirm now if we logged out so let me try and see how we can actually log out from this account

So I would do this like that and from here I think we can log out I don’t think we can actually go okay here we go now if we write forgot password here it is the uh I have the 2012 word face so here we test every single word

So now if we click in here Chrome Fiverr reward Etc and here we can put the new password which will be something like that like that and here we go that’s how I recovered my metamask wallets and I got my backup back so thank you guys for watching see in the next video

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