How to use Samsung smart switch 2024

How to use Samsung smart switch 2024

How to use Samsung smart switch since if you want to import or export your data from your samsung device. #samsung is so big with all their mobile phones, pcs and tvs. Use it for interoperability in 2024

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Hello hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to use Samsung smart switch to be able to do a lot of things with your Android mobile so first of all if you were in your

Phone let’s go to your Google Play and install it through there and if you’re on PC let’s go here and install Samsung Smart Switch something like that and here I you need to do is actually download it through multiple things for example here the officer Samsung website so you can go

Through here and you will find here this for Google Play you will find it as well here um so some information about it and so go on now if you wanted to actually download from your windows you can just click all the way down and click here for Windows

And basically me some of you are a really sneak peek on what it can do so let me just translate this page as you can see here so switch from an Android device to a Galaxy Device um you can actually like for example if you have anything in your Android device

You can access translate transfer all these affirmations to your Galaxy device and you can transfer send data from your phone to your watch you can switch from iPhones iPad to a Galaxy device as we are using this and you can transfer your WhatsApp history to your new Samsung

Galaxy so how you can use this you can Wireless transfer connecting with USB backup to understand from external memory or backup and restore from PC or Mac now let’s install it so here we go yes and now all we need to do is wait for it until it’s fully

Installed hey as you can see here now let’s wait a little bit and let’s give it some time until it’s fully installed and yeah guys it is pretty simple just make sure that you have your Android mobile in your hand and make sure that you have a USB cable between

Your PC and your phone so you just have to connect them both and that’s just when the installation actually completed you will have everything settled up so you just have to open and follow the structure that the program or the software will give them to you so yeah

Guys that was it for today’s video and basically you just have to wait for the download until it finishes because it takes too long this is from sweating it requires a reboot so as you can see I need to reboot my PC and basically yeah guys that was it today’s video visual

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