How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in 2024

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting in 2024

Master the art of scheduling Zoom meetings in 2024 with our detailed guide. Whether it’s for work, study, or social gatherings, scheduling in advance can streamline your planning process and ensure your meetings run smoothly. Stay ahead with the latest Zoom features and updates to enhance your virtual meeting experience.

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Hello guys and welcome to a new brand video in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to schedule a meeting on Zoom so all you need to do is to follow these simple steps firstly first you need just to go to the zoom application and loging in to your account after that

You will need just to create a new meeting so we can schedule it so either you can just simply click on schedule and click on schedule in here you will add a topic of uh the meeting test meeting and here you can have the inv uh invited people if you have some contacts

And basically you need just to have some contact on uh your account so you can have them here and here this is the important part is the date and time of the scheduling so basically you need just to add uh starting point from uh date and having

Uh time of course you can set duration for your meeting so if you have a 30 minutes meeting it will uh cut or it will end at 30 minutes from the start of the meeting otherwise you can either generate automatically the the meeting ID or have your personal meeting ID if

You want personal meeting and of course you can have some passcodes so not everyone can access to your uh meeting Etc and you can have more advanced option or more control on your meeting so basically after that you will click on Save and just save uh let’s have a start Point Let’s

Have it somewhere here and can sh save and of course we need just to choose an account and continue and basically it will add this Zoom to our Google Calendar so we can have it as uh a meeting here and basically you can add a calendar and now

Your Zoom meeting after saving you will have it already set and basically this is how you schedule a meeting thank you for watching and see you next time

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