How to use AI for Business pictures

How to use AI for Business pictures

How to use AI for Business picture creation.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to use AI which is the majority AI in order to create some business picture so now let’s go ahead and sign in and let’s give it the authorization to our Discord account now

We click on authorize and now we go to Discord and as you can see it will be added directly to our server list so now we wait a little bit and here it is now what we’re gonna do is go and go for a nearby search for a nearby search room

And you go all the way here to the shot and right slash imagine a prompt and what you’re going to do basically is let’s click let’s write something like a coffee business uh art for Instagram and let’s make it something like so we can add something like high quality smart UI

And 8K detailed and enhanced quality now if I click on enter it was start working on my idea and generating for me the pictures that I asked for it can take from 30 seconds and so like two minutes and a half so it’s gonna be pretty simple and

Pretty fast and the results guys the results are actually very shocking so now as you can see it is at 31 maybe you think it is ugly maybe you think whatever it is but trust me wait until the final result so I would go down

Because it will load in the bottom so as you can see here it is guys so there is the business so for example if you have a business this is like an image for your business you can actually use this to attract people imagine having this business on your Instagram account this

Can actually attract a lot of people and it is a really really good for the eye so here guys this is like an idea how you can make uh pictures for your business using AI thank you a lot for watching and see you in the next video

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