How to setup Slack Channel

How to setup Slack Channel

How to setup Slack Channel, to create a group chat for #Slack as an instant messaging program owned by Salesforce.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will show you how to set up your slack channel so one once it does always you will need to first open your PC or device and go to any browser for example

I am using Google Chrome now to go to the URL section and search for Slack and here I will just go there and we will click on the first link now basically what you’ll have to do is create or try for free and here you just have to continue with

Google or with your Apple account so let’s continue and here we just have to accept the cookies and here we will create our workspace so let’s create our workspace now let’s wait a little bit and what’s the name of your computer team for example I don’t know tutorial

Here we click on next who is is on the team you can put here the emails skip the steps keep it what’s your team working on right now um I don’t know T tutorials I mean yeah let’s go next and here we go guys so this is the channel this is like the

Shots and if you want to add more channels you can just click here create new channel browse channels you can add members you can make it private or not you cancel outside but this needs to be premium and for example let’s create a new channel real quick so I click here

Get new channel uh private meeting and I can make it private so I can create it like that and here I can put only the guys or the people that I want to I want them to see this room so skip for now if you want to add them you can

Just click in here if you wanted to delete any kind of Channel you can just click on leave Channel and it will be deleted so just like so because it is let me just see leave is leave and remove and here we go so yeah guys that was it for today’s video

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