How to setup a remote control server on Windows 2024

How to setup a remote control server on Windows 2024

How to setup a remote control server on Windows 2024.

If you want to control another PC or server you need this #remotecontrolserver tutorial.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to set it up how to set up a remote control server so how we can actually for example control the PC that you own by another

One so let’s say that I have this PC which is my PC here and I want to actually start editing on it uh using it but from far away for example from work and from like whatever I am what can I do to do that first of all make sure

That in the other PC that you are going to start doing your stuff you have this program installed which it comes normally with windows so you must have it which is remote desktop connection so this is it and then what you’ll have to do is

Simply go to here so let’s go to here um like that to system and here it is so now guys as you can see this is the device name so make sure as well that you have it or here which is copy it so save it in your phone or

Whatever else and basically this is the name that you have to use it in order to connect to this PC so as you can see here are this let me just open it so in case I wanted to connect from the to this PC from another one I will be I

Will have to like enter this name in here then everything I need to do is simply set it up all I need to do is click on connect of course it will give me error because I have already in progress I can’t really control my PC

From my own PC but yeah overall you get the idea so simply just go ahead and go to that PC paste this name connect to it and after that they will ask you for a password this password usually is only popping off when you have a password to

This PC so for example when you first turn on your PC you so they will ask you like for a password to sign into your profile well in case you had this password on they will ask you to put it in your remote if not they will just

Give you the permission to access this PC directly so hi guys this was it for today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you guys for watching

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