How to view Google Chrome history 2024

How to view Google Chrome history 2024

How to view Google Chrome history 2024 if you want to find a recently visited website or see what others are watching in the year 2024 on google chrome there is a simple way to find it in your #chromehistory

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again to a brand new video in today’s tutorial I will be showing you how to view your Google Chrome history or like the history of your like Google Chrome each browser that you have connected to open the each if thing you have done in your

Day you will find it in your Google Chrome history also I will give you some tips on how you can remove some data extension Etc so first of all I will need to go ahead and open Google Chrome after that I will show you an example let’s for example open

Um let’s open for example Facebook so here it is Facebook and here it is so this is my account so basically what I’m going to do is the last latest page that I have opened is Facebook so to prove that Facebook is the latest website I opened I will I

Will go to here history and then click on history after that you will find all the kind of actual website that you have opened so for example here is Facebook and here’s the other website basically if you wanted to remove them you can just click here and then click

On delete if you want to delete like specific thing all your all your browser data you can just click here and it will be all deleted as you can see if you click here on clear data it will be all deleted you can remove browsing historic

Cookies and other side data and can stop images and files of course you can choose specific times for example here last hour last 24 hours last seven days in last four weeks to see more details about cookies that you have you can just go here and check it uh the same time

The same thing goes for any other kind of your history that and Etc so yeah that’s pretty that’s pretty much it yeah guys so in case you wanted to go to your history you just have to go to these three points which is in the right left

On the right top corner and then go to history and here you are now you can see your Journeys and your lists so yeah guys that was it today’s video If you enjoyed please leave a like and thank you for watching

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