How to setup Bitpay Payment gateway

How to setup Bitpay Payment gateway

How to setup Bitpay Payment gateway to accept cryptocurrency payments for your business.

The #Bitpay platform is a gem for that.

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Yo hello guys and welcome back again with a brand new video in today’s tutorial guys I will be showing you how to actually set up a bit payment getaway so first of all I will need you to go to bitsbay so here we go and now what I needed to do guys is

Click on it now as you can see what happened to all of the website has been the country origin your IP address in a minute for accessing so let’s try to use a VPN in my case to be able to actually log into it so clicking here this is the VPN that

I’m using usually which called hola so here I’m going to choose the United States and after that what I’m going to do is simply click on here and let’s wait use this one and here we go now to get started simply go here and then create an account so let’s

Create an account which is pretty simple let’s put here name last name and here our email address let’s pick this one and here let’s pick this password and here we go I would like to agree submits and voila now all you need to do is go

To your email so let’s go to our Gmail account here we go and let’s click on bitpay complete verification and here I am so continue and here it is my account now how we can actually set the payments get away or say the payment method that’s simply easy so first of all you

Have to get the wallet so click here to get the wallet you can get it by downloading the app on your PC or your browser so let’s get here to download the app and you can get it also for like your phone as you can see here and so go on

Let’s check if it has an extension for um for a browser let’s check over here which is simply by going to here and let’s go to extensions and then click on Chrome web store and check for bitspay if that actually goes with your country

So here all you need to do is click in here and get it from here if it didn’t work for you would hit this uh with this thing what you could do is just open it from your mobile phone and it will be good so now guys what I’m going to do is

Simply click on add to Chrome so here we go add to Chrome ADD extension and after that what I’m going to do is pin it here we go and here it is now so simply now what I’m going to do is add it to my

Account so here it is here I can see my card Etc I have any cards and here I can connect to my bit space so I can just do it here sign in and let’s wait a little bit let’s wait until it’s fully open my account verify our human

And here we go so now just a second we are standing up continue with your order okay create an account verify density other card so continue or intensification so here we go so this is my account here it is now this is like these are what I can pay with my account

MC Theaters Delta dot dash Airbnb Best Buy you can see all here and here if you want to order the card of course you can order it through your phone and get it so yeah guys that’s how you can pay using bitpay with everything on PC you

Can use just the extension which is pay with bitpay and that’s it so hey guys thank you for watching incident next tutorial

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